Safe Exercise Tips for Seniors in San Diego Home Care

You are never too old to exercise. At any age and particularly for San Diego seniors, exercising offers amazing benefits for the body. So just do it, however also follow a few simple rules to make sure that you do it right in your senior years.

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to how aging affects us. Of course it is true that aging causes a lot of changes to our body. In general the older people get the more they have to endure disease, have more physical dysfunction and more psychological issues. However this is not the same for everybody so it is not an absolute.

Initially if you are a San Diego senior, you will find there are certain limitations when you begin with an exercise program, but it is worth pursuing as the changes in your body can transform your life for the better.

Here are six exercise tips for San Diego seniors to get started safely.

  1. Go slowly

Take account of your age and begin slowly. You don’t have to work the treadmill running your very first time out. In truth, if you have any problems with osteoporosis or any arthritis, this can be a harmful idea. So start slowly by walking at first for a few minutes a day and then gradually build up your time walking and then your speed. This allows your body to become used to the exercise gradually. Also, remember working in your backyard, washing clothes or performing some other housework qualifies as

physical activity.

  1. Consult with your San Diego doctor

Before commencing any senior exercise regime it is always a great idea to consult with your doctor to check that your proposed exercise program is safe in your current health state. Any kind of pre-existing conditions may signify light exercise until you are much better. He may also advise you that by maintaining an exercise routine you are able to reverse your diabetic issues, reduce your risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. It takes time but it can happen if you stick to the program of exercise that your San Diego doctor recommends.

  1. Helps you to lose weight

As you get older you may add some extra weight and find it tougher to lose that excess weight. Exercise is a good way to shed the excess weight. Even 30 minutes per day can help you get rid of 10 pounds or even more a year. If you wish to maintain your weight, exercise can enhance your lean body mass and cut down your body fat.

  1. Improve your muscle massA great way to improve your strength and muscle mass is by weight training.

Even the elderly can lift weights if carried out with proper technique. You don’t have to lift heavy weights, consistent weight training exercise for San Diego seniors is the key.

  1. Disabled people can work out as well

Even if you are in a wheelchair then you can still do some exercises. As well as simple chair bound exercise you can also do swimming and water aerobics which offers you the opportunity to work your lower body without the need of doing weight-bearing exercises.

  1. Cardio exercise

To enhance the performance of the heart and lungs, get the body moving. Increase your heart rate by means of dancing, walking, jogging, aerobics, or participating in group sports activities. Additionally, it improves your balance to help avoid falls and also other accidents typical to senior citizens.

So even if you are a San Diego senior citizen it is not too late to improve your health and live longer. Use exercise to reduce your risk of disease, increase your independence, and live a long healthy life in our beautiful city of San Diego.

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