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Emergency Support

Our Emergency Support service is for times when your parent needs assistance in a hurry.

General Well being

Our General Well being Services aim to raise the quality of life of seniors

Personal Care Services

Our Care Attendants can help the elderly with special needs with activities of daily living.

Intellectual Companionship

Our services provide psycho-social support for elderly in need of motivation and mind stimulation

Absolute Senior Home Care

Absolute Senior Home Care, Inc was established in August 2006. The motivation behind Absolute came from the realization for the need of quality in-home care from a native San Diegan…ME! Having worked in skilled nursing, assisted living and in-homecare for over 15 years prior, I witnessed the imperative care our senior community was lacking. During this time my grandparents had reached their 80s and were requiring more and more assistance from me and my family. I became a strong advocate for quality in-home care and soon after Absolute Senior Home Care came to fruition.

As Absolute began its journey, we have helped hundreds of families be at ease during their loved ones last stages of life. One family being my own, during my grandfather’s (See pictures in “About Us” page) health decline, Absolute’s caregivers assisted him until his passing time. The relief the caregiver gave my grandmother during and since my grandfather passed away has been immensely heartwarming.

I enjoy my job…I enjoy meeting new families everyday and guiding them through that difficult time in establishing the best care plan for their loved ones. Absolute has given many families peace of mind. But in reality, I have gained mostly from them by being a part of a great opportunity to get to know someone’s story and build new relationships….it has been a cherishable experience for me!

Today, through our compassion and reliability, Absolute has reached an outstanding reputation for individualized homecare. We will continue to provide the utmost highest quality of care possible to all of our current and future clients. Please call me as I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones!


Gabriela Padilla-Kelley


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