Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility in San Diego

There are a large number of assisted living options available in San Diego, so you may feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right one. Check out these tips designed to help you determine if you or your loved one needs assisted living in San Diego and what options are available.

There are over 900,000 people in the U.S. who currently live in nearly 40,000 assisted living facilities throughout the U.S.  Assisted living facilities give a variety of different kinds of assistance to residents in many aspects of daily living and health care.

It may be the case that you or a loved one is having difficulty performing normal daily activities for example grooming, dressing and preparing meals.  If this is the case, then an assisted living service in San Diego may be right for you. As well as providing help in these areas, the assisted living facilities in San Diego provide the appropriate level of independence, as well as ensuring the health and well-being of their residents.


 Assisted living facilities in San Diego: What kinds of assistance do they offer?

There are a wide variety of services available in a San Diego assisted living facility with many being optional or available at an extra cost. We have listed some of the most common and popular services that San Diego assisted living facilities provide below.These are according to the American Health Care Association and the Administration on Aging:

  • Provide 24 hours a day 7 days week supervision
  • Provide all necessary meals in a common dining room for the San Diego assisted living residents
  • Help with management of medication
  • Provide help and support for residents with tasks such as grooming, bathing and dressing
  • Laundry services for the residents
  • Social recreational activities
  • Exercise programs
  • Security
  • Transportation


5 Important Factors to Note When Considering Your Assisted Living Options

  1. Cost: It is important to take into account the basic monthly cost of the San Diego assisted living facility as well as what services are included in that cost and what services are extra. You need to assess that the San Diego assisted living facility offers services you require at an affordable cost.
  2. Health and well-being oversight and assistance: Are the San Diego assisted living facility staff trained to assist you with needs important for your overall health? Are there professional nurses onsite?
  3. Social and spiritual activities: Does the San Diego assisted living facility offer the type of fun and interesting recreational activities that are needed? Do they provide appropriate transport to the local church for church services on a regular basis?
  4. Living areas: Is the residence appropriate for the resident’s needs? Is there enough space? Is it comfortable?
  5. Food: What are the menus like? Will the San Diego assisted living facility be able to accommodate any special diet required? Do they provide healthy meals?

When considering your assisted living facility options, bring these questions with you and make sure you are satisfied with the answers you are given. To help determine affordability, use a cost calculator to figure out the estimated costs of the San Diego assisted living facility you’re considering. Armed with knowledge, you’ll be able to discover which San Diego assisted living options are right for you.

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