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New Year Resolutions for Seniors

New Year Resolutions for Seniors

New Year brings new hope to everyone, that’s why people tend to make new year resolutions every year not just to make some major life-changing decision but simple achievable goals for the betterment of their lives. New Year’s resolutions should help to make ourselves better, happier, and healthier by quitting bad habits, and to pursue the good things in life. In this current pandemic situation, our resolution must be to thrive rather than just survive. Especially senior’s new year resolutions should be in a way to promote healthy aging among seniors.

Here are a few New year resolutions that can help seniors to feel good and age well:

Follow the diet plan:

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables that have the right nutrients including proteins, vitamins, and minerals will reduce the risk of diseases and boost immunity. Sugar and salt intake must be cut down and one needs to drink plenty of water. Maintain a healthy weight with proper diet and exercise.

Stimulate your mind:

Reading, solving crossword puzzles, playing games, socializing with friends and family members, doing chores, visiting senior center activities, etc. will help to keep your brain active. An active mind and healthy body is needed to keep your brain healthy which lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Help other people:

Research reveals volunteering improves health by reducing stress and depression risk, and keeping you physically, mentally, and socially active.

Quit smoking and drinking:

Quit smoking as it weakens your immune system and if you drink, maintain drinking at a moderate level.

Explore Things Around You:

Make sure you don’t get carried away by unwanted thoughts. Develop your confidence, learn new skills, travel, stay positive and keep trying to find the various purposes to live.

Make New Friends:

Get along with people of your age group, join clubs, take part in get-togethers, head to the local community center to participate in weekly activities. Talk to people about how you feel and convey your symptoms. It will help to reduce stress and overcome loneliness.

Engage in Physical Activities:

Some simple exercises like walking, running, dancing, yoga, Tai chi will contribute to general good health. It will also help with joint pain, heart rate keeping them engaged and active.

Make sure you take preventive measures to avoid injuries and have a caretaker by your side for support if needed

Get your tests done regularly:

Maintain your health conditions by consuming prescribed medicines on time and attending regular checkups, it will help to identify if there is any decline in your health and keep track of your health conditions. Consult your doctor, get yourself vaccinated on time and maintain proper records of your health. It lowers your risk of serious illness and other infections.

How can Absolute Senior Home Care help you?

Our team of caregivers specializes in providing one-on-one assistance in all areas of personal care and companionship. Our caregivers are fully trained and have years of experience in senior care. We ensure daily proper diets are followed, medications are taken timely, offer proper hygiene and personal care assistance, encourage daily activities and exercise, and give our clients the companionship needed to socialize during our visits. We specialize in personalized in-home care based on our client’s needs and conditions. Our caregivers are fully background screened and are Registered Home Care Aides with the State of California Home Care Bureau. They are fully trained in COVID-19 Prevention Compliance methods.

We provide free in-home assessments. Please call us at 619-410-2390 or visit http://absoluteseniorcare.com/

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