The Dangers of San Diego Elderly Living Alone

We can sometimes view the people closest to us without noticing their changes as they age a bit like the old adage “you can’t see the forest for the trees?” The reason is that sometimes the aging process happens so quickly that we don’t realize how vulnerable our aging parents and grandparents in San Diego really are. We need to be more proactive in order to allow our loved ones to age safely in their own home, or if needed move those to the appropriate San Diego assisted living community, thus ensuring that their quality of life will be better.

Here are a few of the dangers encountered by the elderly living alone in San Diego.

Depression.It is not always apparent or visible that your aging relative may be suffering from depression while living on their own. The signs to look for are that they are disinterested in normal day-to-day activities, and thus become depressed. This is a very real concern because depression has been linked to more rapid onset and/or progression of other age-related mental conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If you can visit your ageing relatives frequently perhaps daily to check on their mood. If that is not possible then insist that they join a local San Diego senior center, participate in a local retirement facility’s day care program, or hire a companion who can visit them weekly, or daily. This will help offset their feeling of loneliness and thus keep depression at bay.

Falls. Perhaps the greatest danger of elderly people living alone is their susceptibility to falls. As people get older their sense of balance begins to decline and this can lead to more falls. This is of course more dangerous for people who live alone as they may not be able to summon help after a fall. What might have been a small stumble before, resulting in a bruise or a bump on the head, can result in a major injury for the elderly.

Here are a few statistics and facts for you to consider:

Falls are the number one cause of injury-related death in adults 65-years and older.

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house for senior citizens.

Senior citizens are more susceptible to hospital-, surgery-, and anesthesia-related delirium that may last for weeks. This has been linked to other complications and higher mortality rates.

You need to ensure that the house where your aging relative lives is made safe for their use. Contact a professional San Diego home health care provider who can help make the necessary adaptations, and who can provide health care and/or companion services as needed.

General Health and Well-being. People as they get older are more likely to be forgetful. This may mean if they are living alone that they forget to take important medicines. Meals, exercise, and basic day-to-day hygiene routines can also begin to slip. A San Diego home health caregiver is one way to ensure your loved one is taken care of. House cleaning, basic hygiene care, meal preparation, and medication reminders are all well within the scope of a well-trained San Diego home health aide. This will allow your aging loved one to remain in his/her home without you having to worry about their day-to-day care.

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