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How to Build a Social Life as a Senior Citizen in San Diego

As we get older we can lose a spouse, a close friend, or even a pet, and sometimes we can then begin to lose perspective on life. A San Diego senior citizen because of this can easily easy slip into sadness and seclusion and stop relating with people who once filled an important part in their daily life. Many times their children (if they have any) will have moved away from the San Diego area and are frequently so heavily involved in their own lives, with work, and other obligations that they cannot spend a lot of time with their aging parent(s). If a San Diego senior citizen you are experiencing loss and loneliness then the best thing you can do is to develop a new senior social life in San Diego. Here are seven simple ways that you can begin to build a fulfilling senior social life that will help you to live meaningfully and with purpose.

  1. Think about the activities you used to enjoy. Pick up you previous hobbies that you may have cast aside after a loss. You can even try those new activities or hobbies through a local church group or a club. Use your local San Diego newspaper to keep abreast of upcoming events of interest. Visit university lectures on topics you know nothing about to stretch your imagination and improve your knowledge.
  2. Go to a San Diego Senior Daycare center with a friend if you feel unsure. Get back into the rhythm of meeting new friends. Little by little, you’ll become less fearful of going out alone.
  3. Return to keeping fit. While you may not now be able to be as active as you once were, there is certainly nothing stopping you from continuing physical activities in San  Diego involving walking clubs, senior’s gym or other San Diego senior fitness activities made available especially for seniors. These activities at San Diego senior daycare centers will help you build confidence and regain a healthy outlook on life!
  4. Mentor younger people in San Diego. As a senior citizen, you have accumulated a lifetime of experience so why not pass that on to younger people in San Diego by becoming a mentor to them. Offer your services at local clubs to give talks, to teach a skill or to guide people (museums, zoos, parks etc.).  Many San Diego senior daycare centers offer space where you can mentor these young adults.
  5. Always be positive. Keep in a positive frame of mind despite the pain of your loss. Smile when you’re feeling down. Smiling induces positive chemical changes in the brain and brings us back up. Go to a San Diego senior daycare center and meet new friends, watch an uplifting or comic film or maybe even a classic film you have always enjoyed. Read books that make you laugh and hence by rediscovering your sense of humor your well-being will improve; this is all the more important if you have buried yourself under a load of sadness, self-pity and sorrow.
  6. Be open to new things. You may feel uncomfortable at first, especially if it involves new technology; however, try not to react negatively to suggestions from others who try to help. Think things through before rejecting the ideas altogether. You may just find something that you wished you had tried years earlier at the best San Diego senior daycare centers.
  7. Think outside the box. Research the Internet for stories of the more challenging things senior citizens are doing in San Diego; cycling, sports, writing a first novel etc. All these things and more are possible with the right attitude. You are as old as you let yourself be; your dreams are as expansive as you let them be. So, what about all those things you promised yourself you’d do someday? Maybe today is that day, so go ahead explore, visit the best San Diego senior daycare center, and enjoy life!!

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