Home modifications for Elderly Living

Looking for ways to keep your seniors at home? Make your environment aging-friendly.

Here are few suggestions for home modifications and technologies that help to provide a safer environment for seniors at home.

Home Modifications

Widening the Doorways

Seniors are wheelchairs or on walkers need wide spaces to navigate. Widening the doorways will help them to move freely from one place to another.


Installing ramps indoor and outdoor will help to provide support while they have unsteady feet or balance issues. It will make them feel safer and more comfortable while moving.

Lightening and floor

Seniors need more lightning to perform their tasks. Floor should be dull rather than waxed and light colors should be used to paint walls in a way it reflects light and eliminates glare. Avoid rugs and shaggy carpets. Hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl floors are recommended as it provides a smooth surface to prevent falls.

Kitchen modifications

Countertops and cabinets should not be too high for them to reach especially for seniors who are wheelchair users. Adjusting the counter heights and lowering the sinks will help to ease their tasks.

Bathroom modifications

Replace old bathtub with walking showers, install hand-held shower heads, grab bars, use non slip bath mats, remove shower doors, and make sure to provide easy access to all fixtures.  Install ADA height toilets for higher seating.


Get rid of clutters and remove unwanted or unnecessary items to avoid items bumping and clear pathways and provide enough space for them to walk.



GPS Tracking

For seniors with Alzheimer or Dementia GPS tracker would be a life saving device. It helps to keep track when they are out and ensure their safety. Including emergency buttons and health metrics functions would enhance safety and provide great assistance to caregivers.

Medical alert systems

Medical alert system is used to reach out when there is an emergency. These wearable devices monitor medical conditions and send alerts to emergency contact if a fall happens or when the alarm is pressed. This medical alert system is an inexpensive life saving tool.

Voice Activation

Voice activation is a technology that helps to communicate with devices like television etc. Also, it helps to switch on and off lights, which makes senior living much easier.

Home security systems

Home security systems help greatly especially when seniors live independently. It provides protection and also has other features like home automation, care and health features, personal emergency buttons which benefits their living.

Based on your need and financial situation choose wisely and make the necessary home modifications and technological investments.

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