Hiring Caregivers in the San Diego Area: Guide on How to Prepare for the First Week

There are many excellent agencies in the San Diego area that provide caregivers but it is equally important that you are prepared in advance for the first week of a new San Diego caregiver. Here are a few tips on getting off to the best possible start during the first week with a new San Diego caregiver.

  • Make yourself available. You may live some distance away from your loved one in which case you will need to be there for the first few days. Plan one day to observe the San Diego caregiver and take notes (at least for a couple of hours) and then the next day while you’re still observing the San Diego caregiver, begin answering questions the San Diego caregiver may have and begin making suggestions to the San Diego caregiver based on the preferences of your loved one.
  • Have a separate notebook prepared to include a typical schedule, important numbers, emergency contacts, etc. to provide to the San Diego caregiver.
  • It is important to pick one or two very important items that you do want done “your way,” and follow through until you get the results you want, however it is unrealistic to expect the San Diego caregiver to do everything your way. Concentrate on what is important and be clear and consistent.
  • Your loved one may be rebellious at first to a new San Diego caregiver and doesn’t like this person right away, however do not worry, just allow time for your loved one to adjust to the new San Diego caregiver.
  • Allow the new San Diego home care giver to find new ways to tackle certain problems-and

acknowledge their input.

  • Resist the urge to move too fast emotionally and make your new San Diego caregiver an extended family member-trust should be natural and takes time.
  • Sometimes your loved one will after time like the new San Diego caregiver better than you but don’t let that worry you. This is a common occurrence.
  • Review the week with the San Diego caregiver and ask what the most challenging part of the week was-and brainstorm together for solutions.
  • It is important that you stop by at odd times. When this is not practical make sure you check on the San Diego caregiver regularly by phone, and email.
  • Expect this to take a bit of time-try to not nitpick-and allow the new San Diego caregiver to give care and attention in their own unique style.

These tips will help with the transition of the San Diego caregiver to you and your loved one’s lives.

Remember trust takes time and the benefits a San Diego caregiver far outweighs the difficult transition time that may occur.

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