Health Diet Tips for Chula Vista Seniors During the Holiday Season

With the Holidays just around the corner, we all tend to let our usual strict regime of diet and exercise slip.  In the case of Chula Vista Seniors, it is very important that they do maintain healthy eating habits even during these tempting times.   Over indulgence in their favorite foods and desserts can lead to many complications for seniors such as diabetes and high blood pressure.   With the health of all seniors in mind, here are some diet tips for the Holidays including advice on what foods to choose from Holiday buffets, Chula Vista senior home care centers, Christmas Dinner, and other tempting Holiday situations.

  1. Do not skip Breakfast and Lunch

With the annual feast of Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners just around the corner, Chula Vista seniors may have the idea to skip meals before the decadent Holiday Dinner.  This practice of skipping meals and gorging is definitely a no-no.  This can slow the Chula Vista senior’s metabolism causing spikes in sugar and blood pressure.  Odds are also that the senior will over eat during the Holiday Dinner and this overeating can take a toll and put a strain on the digestive system of the Chula Vista Senior.  The best solution would be to go ahead and have a smaller breakfast and lunch to keep the metabolism and blood sugar level even   ( You can also  find a Chula Vista senior home care service that specializes in meal preparation and health senior diets for more healthy tips on this subject)

  1. Choose only your favorite foods

When you finally make it to the Holiday Dinner, whether at your loved ones home or the best Chula Vista Senior Center, make sure to choose foods that you thoroughly enjoy and know of.  It may be tempting to try the new exotic dish or dessert, the truth is that you may not know what the ingredients are and this can cause chaos within your digestive system.

  1. Get the Holiday Meal Menu in Advance

For the Holiday Dinners you will be attending, it is completely appropriate to ask for the menu in advance to allow for your preparation of the meal.  Most restaurants, hosts, and Chula Vista Senior Care Centers will be very understanding of the request.

  1. Find a Chula Vista Senior Home Care Agency

Many of the best Chula Vista Senior Care Centers specialize in healthy dining for seniors and can prepare a full and healthy Holiday Dinner.  Over the holidays, you can request from the Chula Vista senior home care provider to prepare the Holiday Meals with lower fat content, high in fiber etc., to compensate for the tempting holidays foods that will be served.


  1. Limit fat intake during the Holiday Season

Make sure to limit the heavy fats from Holiday dishes such as turkey, roasts, and desserts.  These can cause havoc on your digestive system as well as cause spikes in blood pressure.  Make sure to eat plenty green leafy vegetables to help with digestion of these heavier meals.

  1. Eat slowly

The holidays are a time of joy, family, friends and tradition.  Take the time to slow down and enjoy it all. Eat slowly and put your knife and fork down between each mouthful. Let the others take second helping, while you take time to enjoy your first plate of food.

Whether at your loved ones Holiday Dinner or at the best Chula Vista Senior Care Center, follow these tips to have a healthy and safe Holiday.

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