Winter care tips for senior citizens

Winter care tips for Seniors

Winter is on the way! The dull and chill climate can make us sick and cause many health problems in seniors. Caregivers and family members to ensure that enough preventive measures are taken to handle the winter season. There are many viruses that cause the common cold. It is important that extra care be taken during winter months and sufficient safety measures is required to overcome this risk.

Some common health risks that seniors face during winter season are:

● Winter blues
● Winter illness like Pneumonia, Joint pain, Cardiac issues, Hypothermia, Frostbite, Slips and Falls, Influenza, Dehydration etc.

Here are some tips to handle the winter season

Stay Warm
Hypothermia is when your body temperature gets very low. Being outside in the cold or being in a cold house can lead to hypothermia. Seniors are at high risk of hypothermia and it is best to ensure that they stay indoor keeping the thermostat set to 68-70 degrees and stay warm especially during nights.

Stay Active
Many elderly people feel lonely or inactive during this time of the year which increases the possibility of depression or decline of mental health. Exercise and physical activity will help to maintain physical as well as mental health of seniors. It will also help with joint pain and a healthy heart rate keeping them engaged and active.

Emergency Resources
Flashlight, water, radio, batteries, blankets, prescribed medicines and other emergency resources must be stocked up and kept easily accessible. Seniors should have access to phones or cell phones that are easy for them to use with long lasting battery support.

Stay Hydrated
It is common not to feel thirsty during winter, but inadequate water consumption may lead to dehydration. Dehydration can cause urine and kidney problems, so it is necessary to ensure that senior’s intake adequate water and a balanced diet to maintain their health.

Eliminate fall risks
During the winter the risk of falls is quite high. Caregivers must make sure to eliminate slippery conditions, keep walkways and driveways dry, lights are on before the sunset, non-slip mats are used indoors and avoid potential risk of falls.

Seniors are more vulnerable to dangers than others during cold weather, so it is necessary to get prepared prior for a healthy and happy living.

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Our team of caregivers specializes in providing one-on-one assistance in all areas of personal care and companionship. Our caregivers are fully trained and have years of experience in senior care. We ensure daily balanced meals, medications are taken timely, offer proper hygiene and personal care assistance, encourage daily activities and exercise, and give our clients the companionship needed to socialize during our visits. We specialize in personalized in-homecare based on our client’s needs and conditions. Our caregivers are fully background screened and are Registered Home Care Aides with the State of California Home Care Bureau. They are fully trained in COVID-19 Prevention Compliance methods.

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