How Can Seniors In San Diego Have Better Communications With Their Doctors?

The end-of-life communication is most important for the San Diego senior but some San Diego doctors may be uncomfortable with this discussion, even though their senior patient in San Diego may not be upset by addressing end-of-life care issues. It is vital that the views of the San Diego senior patient is clearly communicated and recorded before an unexpected crisis develops. Clear thinking is more likely when the San Diego senior client is relatively healthy and not suffering from anxiety. Clear communication between the San Diego doctor and their senior patient is unfortunately the exception rather than the rule. Among older respondents, 87% thought CPR should be discussed routinely with their doctor, but only 3 % had had such a discussion with their San Diego doctor. The majority of San Diego seniors are more persuaded by watching a video on the subject of comfort care rather than words. Those who view a video rather than hearing a verbal description are more likely to choose comfort care over life-extending treatment.

What are some of the barriers between San Diego health professionals and clients?

The length of the time spent with the San Diego doctor is the main factor in determining the satisfaction level of the San Diego senior. The San Diego senior wants their concerns answered by the doctor however, researchers have found that San Diego doctors seem reluctant to discuss psychosocial and prevention with older clients and are less receptive to these issues when raised by older clients than when raised by younger patients. San Diego doctors provide less advise in regards to diet, exercise, weight control, smoking, and stress management, reducing the risk of heart problems than they provide to their younger patients.

How can bringing a companion with you to your doctor enhance your visit?

It can be helpful for the San Diego senior patient to bring a companion such as a San Diego in home care assistant to the doctor’s visit as the in home caregiver can provide a vital service to both the San Diego doctor and the senior patient, serving as an independent monitor of the senior patient’s condition and providing helpful feedback on collaboration with treatment regimens. A San Diego in home care assistant can further make sure that questions are asked and answers are understood.

What is Jargon and Elderspeak?

Jargon is language- often technical or obscure-used by people who work in a particular profession or area of interest. The reason that some San Diego doctors use incomprehensible language may just be simply habit; the belief that comprehension of a medical problem might increase the patient’s stress level; the fact that hard-to-understand terms may be conversation stoppers, making more time available for other patients; or the belief that the use of jargon elevates one’s apparent status and authority. The senior patient will obviously prefer doctors who are willing to listen, communicate clearly, and show warmth and concern and for the doctor to avoid using Elderspeak.  Elderspeak is a term used to describe the sweetly belittling of infantilizing form of addressing seniors, usually involving the use of terms such as “Sweetie” or “Dear”.

Following these tips will help in the communications between San Diego doctors and patients.  As you can see a San Diego in home care assistant can be vital in creating the communication necessary for a successful relationship.

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