Cardio Exercise Tips for Seniors in San Diego

We all know that as we are getting more mature our body and appearance will undergo some change as well as our physical ability, it will also affect the ability to do much exercise. Our maximum heart rate declines naturally with age, which means that our heart and lungs are notable to pump as much oxygen and blood to your muscles. And as a result, our muscles won’t be able to work as hard or as long as they once could. As a consequence of this there will be a reduction in our muscle mass. Our ligaments will stiffen up and shorten and this will make a difference in our range of motion and flexibility. You’ll probably have some age-related problems with bones, joints and/or nerves, possibly some arthritis or neuropathy, which will affect your ability to get around as you once did even more.
But this does not mean you need to scrap your senior exercise plan in San Diego and head for the old rocking chair, in fact, researchers are telling us that much of the physical decline that we associate with aging may have more to do with increased inactivity than with aging itself.
1. Know your safety limits and warning signs.
If you are new to cardio exercise, or have been inactive for a while, or have medicalconditions that could be affected by exercise, you may need to have a chat with yourpersonal physician in before you start your senior exercise plans in San Diego. If you takeany medications for blood pressure or heart disease, make sure you ask what effect thiscan have on whatever exercise you are planning on and you may need to adjust thisaccordingly, or if you may have to avoid any specific senior activities in San Diego . Ifyou have any chronic conditions ask your doctor to identify any symptoms or warningsigns that you should know when to stop your senior exercise in San Diego, as well as anyspecial instructions for timing any exercise.
Have a plan.
Although you can pick one cardio activity that you enjoy and “just go for it,” you mayhave better results and stay motivated longer if you create a solid senior exercise in SanDiego plan first. The San Diego area offers great senior care exercise facilities that can befun at the same time.
Longer bouts of moderate exercise
Each time you exercise, you help to train your muscles to use the oxygen that your heart and lungs deliver. But if you only exercise your legs (by biking, for example), the rest ofyour muscles aren’t going to get much out of it. This is why doing a variety of seniorexercises in San Diego is best.
Warm-ups, cool-downs and stretches
The older we get, the more likely we are to have problems with the small muscles we did notthink we had when we were making the senior exercise plans in San Diego. The best way toprevent problems is to include a good warm up.
Be creative and have some fun!
There’s no rule that says your exercise must include walking, jogging, biking or swimming.While those are some great ways and provide a great workout, the best way to stick to yourplan is to include the senior activities in San Diego that you actually enjoy. Anything thatkeeps you active and gets your heart rate up will do the trick. This can include so many thingslike never thought of as exercise, like dancing, gardening or some home improvement work.
Should you have physical limitations that keep you from doing standard exercises, there arealways a lot of alternatives available. The same goes for senior swimming pool programs inSan Diego like water aerobics and pool walking/dancing for those who are looking to avoidhigh impact or weight-bearing movements associated with land-based exercise.
With a little imagination you will find the right workout with so many choices for you in theGreater San Diego area. Now all you have to do is to get out there and “Just do it”!


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